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ost difficult year for our country's economic development since the beginning of the new cen▓tury. This time last year the

called on them to make co

global financial crisis was still spreading, and the world economy wa▓s in a deep recession. Our economy was severely affec

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ted; our exports decreased significantly; a large number of enterprises had operating difficulties, and some even suspen

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ded production or clos▓ed down; the number of unemployed people increased significantly; many migrant workers had to retu

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rn to their home villages; and the pace of our economic growth suddenly slowed down. In these unusually difficult circum

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stances, the people of all our ▓ethnic groups fortified their confidence, tackled difficulties head on, worked tenaciously,

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and responded calmly to the impact of the global financial crisis under the

firm leadership of ▓the Communist Party of China (CPC). Our economy was the first in the world to▓ have made a turnaround, and we made major new achievements in reform and opening up as well as socialist modernization. GDP reached

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33.5 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.7% over the previous year (here and below). Fiscal revenue was 6.85 trillion ▓yuan,

rities of their

up 11.7%. Grain production was 530.82 million tons, a new record and an increase for t▓he sixth consecutive year. A total o

work.BEIJING, Marc

f 11.02 million urban jobs were created. ▓The per capita disposable income of urban residents was 17,175 yuan, and the ne

h 15 (Xinhua) -- T

t per capita income of rural residents was 5,153 yuan, up 9.8% and 8.5% respectively in real terms. We took another steady

step along the path of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Eve▓nts aga

in proved that no difficulties or obstacles can impede the course of the great rejuvenation of

the Chinese nation. The past year was truly extraordinary and inspiring. We held a grand cele

Third Session of the Eleventh N ational People 's Congres s on March 5, 2010 a nd adopted on March 14, 2010: Fell ow Deputies, On beha lf of the St ate Council, I now prese nt to you my report on the work of the government for your d eliberation and ap proval. I also invite th e members of the Nat ional Com?/a> 坢ittee of the Chine se People's Politica 邹平县5G 金溪县5G 蒲江县wap 上虞市5G 环江毛南族自治县wap 天全县wap 大竹县5G 延庆县5G 宁阳县5G 新郑市wap 万年县5G 黄石市5G 武平县5G 抚远县wap 揭东县wap 铜陵市wap 平定县wap 泽州县5G 科尔沁左翼后旗5G 庆云县wap 最新新开传奇私服发布网 武易传奇私服手游 变态传奇私服上线 haosf传奇私服发布网 传奇私服单职业新开 自己怎么制作传奇私服 泡点传奇私服手机版 传奇私服补丁解压视频 传奇私服客户端十周年版 传奇私服补丁怎么